Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Who Works from Home? Smart People, That's Who.

Who works from home? Is it just stay-at-home moms, people with authority problems or social phobias… or that fat guy that just doesn't like to leave his mother's basement? 


A survey of 20,000 companies by FlexJobs, a business that provides legitimate telecommuting jobs to qualified applicants, has shown that this notion is rather inaccurate. 

According to the results, a large majority of work from home employees are well-seasoned professionals who have reached a point where their main goal is to attain full creativity and control in their careers while keeping the other aspects of their life in balance. In other words, smart people who have figured out killing themselves with an "all or nothing" attitude just doesn't pay off. 

The average work from home employee is actually 30-60 years of age and is extremely well-educated in his or her field. While the vast majority has at least a college degree (80%), a small percentage even has graduate degrees (35%). In addition, many work from home while working other jobs. Talk about work ethic!

 And while working from home is a good way to keep commuting and daycare costs low, most choose to work from home because there is less stress which keeps them healthier and happier in the long run. A good practice that keeps life from being a hassled and harried race that makes one day to the next indistinguishable.  

Also according to the survey, work from home employees are the type who prefer to keep busy, not less. Most noted that they found workplace interaction to be distracting and often disliked the way it often interrupted the opportunity to be productive. They are often more interested in the sense of satisfaction that not only comes with getting to use their skills and completing a job or task thoroughly but creating quality work. 

While working from home is not a good fit for everyone, 87% reported that they favor working from home fulltime and would be disappointed if, for some reason, they had to go back to working at an onsite location.
It has been said that there is a profound satisfaction in independence. Seems that working from home is one place where that saying applies rather aptly.